3D Interactive Floor Plans

VR Immersive Floorplans for Architects and Real Estate


Our incredible 3D VR interactive floor plans are truly stunning and allow users to customize floor plans with 3D furniture, wall coloring  and other home furnishings before viewing. Clients can then perform a full walk-through and use the tour to immerse their perspective buyers. 

We dynamically generate each 3D environment allowing you to zoom and rotate the presentation to different angles which helps the purchaser to decide if it’s the right property for them.

Office space designers can save time and collaborate to create optimum use of spaces.  Event planners can also use 3D Interactive Floorplan for seat planning, vendor placements and more. 

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Discover spaces in 3D


In this 3D rendering and interactive floorplan example, some basic design elements have been added as well as default items such as the kitchen table and chairs. One style is designed to give an overall impression of what can be done with the space from the floorplan alone, the additional items give a feel for design adding many different elements. 

Pretty much all aspects can be changed and designed as specified and to specification. For basic floorplans a simple style will be applied, creating the same effect but without styled walls, furniture and flooring. 

Styled items from brands such as IKEA, Miele, Samsung, Jamis Dakar, Switch Modern and many many more. 


  • Easily Shared
  • Embed onto ANY Website
  • Great Design Tool
  • Versatile, Works Anywhere
  • Available Inside 48hrs
  • Designer Elements
  • Full or Basic Design Service
  • Fully Interactive
  • For Architects, Real Estate, Space Planning
  • Convert from Blueprints & Floorplans
  • Works With Google Daydream & More
  • Collaborate Work Space Design


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