Aerial photography and video has become more and more popular for Real Estate and Building Management projects. Drones can be used to highlight the surrounding area, grounds and boundaries of property, Real Estate Photography NYC have a shot list that you should be asking for when booking drone footage with us.

Print, cut out and keep.


The Slider

This is the standard external detail we love to use, this involves shooting the location from right to left with a fixed camera. Almost like a slow motion “walk-by”. Works for smaller and larger estates.

Spotlight / Orbit

Totally as this sounds, this shot is created from a higher altitude using the building as a focal point, the drone will orbit round keeping the property or location in frame the whole time. Great for larger estates.

Overhead & Top Down

Our favorite of all is the top down or sometimes called the overhead shot. The benefits of using this shot is that you can see a large part of the neighborhood and as well as the entire grounds if the drone is high enough. Easy to shoot and easy on the eye to view.

The Scamper

A much faster shot that can start low, far away from the property and progress towards the location, tilting the lens upwards while gaining altitude. Creating a welcoming opening scene, and can be reversed as a closer shot.