It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned Realtor, home owner or preparing your short term rental for the summer months or ski season, getting ready to market the property is key to a successful result.

Lets look at a few ways you can get the best out of your listing., through easy preparation.

Clearing the surfaces of clutter and personal effects is a great way to improve the marketing materials you will offer out. We always recommend grabbing a removal box from Staples or a local storage company and placing your items inside. Even if it means loading and unloading each room in turn; its a great start.

The bathroom and kitchen are always areas that have plenty to put away / hide, so remove that shampoo bottle, toothbrush and kitchen items to promote the surfaces in each space.

The kitchen, windows and tables will all need to be wiped down and dried off, you will be surprised how much those finger prints will show up on a high resolution camera.

Take those fridge magnets off too, they will also create clutter.

If you have the time and extra cash, hire professional cleaners the day before to get everything in order.

So you got your listing ready to be staged ? Here are a few things you can do easily.

  • Replace the bedding with new duvet covers and extra plump pillows
  • Set the dining room for evening dinner
  • Replace all broken bulbs and lights where possible
  • Remove table covers and plastic sheets if you have them
  • Buy flowers or table plants, place them in rooms that need them

If you have blinds that are broken then either replace or remove entirely, those items can be easily redrawn with photoshop if need be in post production.

One way to make sure you get fantastic results is to hire an interior designer or a staging designer that can bring the best designs and really draw attention.

Normally you will need to hire the furniture for around 3 months to benefit from filling an empty property but its also worth while if you have a property pre-furnished. Replacing some of the tired old furniture with new rented can be a hard and fast way to get extra curb appeal.


Designed To Appeal

Here is an example of home staging with before and after, watch and see how it could look to improve your listing.

Check out more about our staging services in partnership with Designed to Appeal here.