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    Selling your home without a realtor can be a daunting experience. However it can also bring many rewards, plus using popular sites such as Zillow you can use many of the same tools and features available to realtors without ever going near the MLS.

    Here are some top tips for listing yourself with Zillow

    * Create your listing well before you start marketing, Zillow takes a few days to authorize your listing so don’t expect to sell the same day you decide to list.

    * Use as many tools as you can to get marketing material for Zillow. Download the Zillow app and upload a short video of your property. Slowly panning in each room to create a meaningful production. Video also boosts your listing against others that don’t.

    * Make sure the first image you upload is an attention grabber, so bring us in to create something special. Mobile phone images won’t cut it.

    * Upload images in batches, 5 images day one, 5 images the net week and so on. Additional new media freshens the listing.

    * Document everyone coming through the door with a pre-approval use our handy signin sheet – doing so will mean if you use a realtor down the line you can exclude certain clients from any commision if they come back at a later date and make an offer.

    * Don’t give up after 2 weeks, it can take a while for the property to sell. Why not look at using our marketing services Marketing by REPNYC

    * Share your listing on social media as much as you can.

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