Getting the detail right

Capturing the detail of a property is just as important as recording the spaciousness. These are the images your clients will connect with as they will see fabric, material, finishes and how their future home will feel. 

These shots are great for breakout images on show sheets or for social media that can grab someones attention.

So if you have a feature that needs to be “highlighted” then always request a special shot of it. Your followers and clients will thank you for it. 

Real Estate photography really is at its very best when these images are promoted out, in turn Realtors are taken more seriously about their marketing efforts. 

Look out for items such as tile work, expensive or desirable appliances, show off a city view from the bedroom or even technology items such as Nest or other money saving devices in newly connected homes. 

All of these things can boost confidence in your clients which in turn brings them to view a property.