We offer some of the best Real Estate Photography covering Brooklyn & NYC. Prices start at $100 for 4 shots and most images delivered inside 36 hours.


Using advanced HDR techniques we create beautiful shots for your listing, we can help the agent “stage” the locations to get the best shot possible – Staging does take some time depending on the amount of level or amount required for our photography.

We can enable our Premium Service offering which can speed the shoot up and get the agent back to doing what they do best; selling.

With our Premium Service we can remove items, declutter, generally make scenes that would need a lot of staging more attractive. We can even create blue a sky when there is none! There is nothing (well almost nothing) we can’t do to improve your Real Estate Photography for your listing.

Want a 360 degree shot for your property ? Ok we can do that too, why not book a shot per room with the photography booking. Images can be placed on a website and clients can explore the listing to their hearts content spinning 360 degrees in the room of their choice. These images give potential clients the feeling of space inside the real estate on offer, something a picture can only do so much of and its something different to offer your clients. Be sure to add that to your order for your Real Estate Photography booking.

Commercial property needs special treatment for online publication, additional lighting is used; especially for restaurants, office and event spaces. So we will need some additional power and time to create awesome images. Photography for commercial space is priced to suit, so please contact us via the form on the contact us page.


Premium service is perfect for virtually decluttering messy gardens, untidy rentals, run down properties, office spaces for rentals or sale, etc.

This service is used for removal of the following:

  • Furniture/Objects
  • Lead Wires/Cords
  • Agent signs
  • Garbage bins
  • Swimming pool hose
  • Messy Furniture
  • Grey Sky Replacement
  • Add Images to TV
  • Add Fire to Fireplace
  • $65 per order